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The  West End Tabernacle Puppets of Praise ministry is a fun yet serious ministry that addresses and resolves aspects of life's circumstances through Biblical perspectives and Christian principles.  

Stay tuned for the 2018 puppet skits, follow the blog of your favorite puppets, share your unique perspective with us,  and ask your Christian living or Bible study questions. Your inquiry or view may find its way to a skit and bless others.

Take time to meet the 2018 Puppet Core below. Twenty-four more puppets coming soon.


Greetings, my name is Hezekiah Castle. 


I am a young king and was named after a good ruler of Judah.

Being a ruler is not an easy job but I try to do my best to be a good king, which is not always easy. 

My father showed me what he believed to be the right things to do and I try to follow his example.  Most importantly, I trust in God to guide me in everything I do and I share His word with the people in my kingdom.

I find when I read and study the Bible for myself I can make better decisions. I often discover things that may not have been taught to me before.

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Greetings, my name is Esther Castle

I was named after the a queen of Persia.

Like Esther in the Bible, I was raised by my Uncle Mordecai who reminded me that I had been given my opportunity to be queen to help my people.  God has a way of using us in very unlikely ways.  

It was my Uncle who reminded me that God allowed me to be in this position. I was able to use my position as queen to protect my people and change an evil law that would have destroyed my people.  I now know that what I say and do matters. Also, it helps to be nice to people.

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Hi, my name is Rachel.

I am an Artist.  I was named after Rachel in the Bible because my mother and father thought that I was beautiful like Rachel. 

I am not so sure about that at times. One thing I do know is as an artist is that I see beauty in the world God created.  I am truly amazed when I see a beautiful butterfly. When I see a purple flower in the field it reminds that despite what is going on God is with me. I can see His love and care in nature.

I do like singing, dancing, and plan to go to college.

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Hello, my name is Luke.

I was named after the Luke in the Bible who was a doctor, authored the book of Acts in the Bible, was a friend of Paul, and who wrote a more detailed account of the life of Jesus in the Book of Luke than the other gospel writers Matthew, Mark, and John.

In addition to Luke writing both Luke and Acts he showed me that salvation is for everyone.

As a doctor, like Luke, I do pay attention to detail and feel that it is awesome to research and understand the life Jesus led on this earth so that others could come to know him like I do.

I also enjoy playing my Xbox, and jogging. My favorite color is emerald.

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Hi everyone, my name is David

I am a High School Student. Having a name like David is very special to me.  I learned in Sunday School that David in the Bible was really “100%.”  As a young man, maybe even the same age as I am, he stood up to Goliath a giant and defeated him in battle with just a sling shot and three stones.  David did not even use the armor that he was given that belonged to someone else and stood right up to that giant based on his faith in God. He would deliver his people to victory. 

David did many of other really cool things, but even so, he was not perfect. He owned his mistakes, asked God to forgive him, did not make excuses, and did not blame other people. I actually like that about David. I am told that if I live long enough that I will make mistakes.

It lets me know that even though I may have not always use the best judgement I can ask God to forgive me. I have to mean it though. God can still do great things with me.

I love basketball, I run track, and write poetry.

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Hi my name is Mary.

I am a teacher, wife, and mother. Working full time and taking care of my family is a lot of work and I love it.  I really like when I am able to help a student in my class learn something new, when I tickle my daughter and make her laugh, cheer my teenage son on at one of his basketball games, or cook a nice meal for my husband and he enjoys it.

And yes, I have my Jesus, devotions, and prayer time too. These are only some of the examples of the blessing in my life.

One of my secrets of happiness is that I do not let other people distract me from loving my family and serving God.

I am reminded of the story of the two sisters in the Bible, Mary and Martha. Martha was so busy doing other stuff she did not take time out to spend time with Jesus when he came to visit.  I never want to be so busy that I miss out on a blessing.

See you at the Spring Gospel Concert.

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Hi my name is Perez but my friends call me Jonah who was a Prophet.

Have you ever been inside the belly of a big fish?  Well, I feel that I have and I am telling you that you do not want to have that happen to you. Admittedly, it was my fault when I look back. 

God told Jonah to go to this city called Nineveh and let them know that He was about to destroy them because of the way that they were doing things.  The catch was that Johah did not like the people in that town.

I was told to let another frat know that if they did not follow the university policies, of which they were unfamiliar, that they would be shut down and lose their charter. Do I need to say that I did not like the guys in that frat house? Our frat did not like each other for years. Something happened about 15 years ago and I do not know what it was but the attitudes now are crazy.  

I did not want to go deliver the message, so, like Jonah I went the opposite way. In our stubbornness Johah was placed in the belly of a fish and I was placed on probation. 

God then allowed Jonah to be released from the fish and he went reluctantly to warn the city and do you know what those people did? They turned from their ways, asked God for forgiveness, and He saved the city.

The Greek council released me from probation, I spoke with the frat and explained the policies. Once they understood, they decided to follow them. What a change. To be honest, I was not too happy about that.  Goes to show you that God can change, save, and celebrate the life of anyone He chooses, whether we like them or not.

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Hello, my name is Josephine.

I am a Computer Game Creator/Programmer.

My parents brought me here from another country when I was a child and now I am considered an undocumented immigrant.  My family built a good life for me here in the US. The is my country, I grew up, went to school, graduated college, work, and pay taxes. God gave them a dream and I was blessed.

Joseph also was placed in what seemed to be hopeless situations of being sold as a slave to Egypt and put in prison. In the end, his journey enabled him to help his family by being promoted to a top leadership position in the service of the Pharaoh in Egypt. 

Because of the wisdom and understanding that God provided Joseph, Egypt was the only place in the region that had food during a severe famine.

When his family came for food and sustenance he could provide for them.  I know God continues to provide guidance and understanding for me. I also know that He will work everything out for good for me in my life despite the uncertainty I feel right now.

I dare to dream, I dare to have hope, I love the Lord, and I love to laugh. I will live encouraged.

I love the Olympics, “Go USA.”

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