$106,000 Balloon Mortgage, Lump Sum Payoff

Final Mortgage Payment 5-21.jpg
Final Mortgage Payment 5-21.jpg

$106,000 Balloon Mortgage, Lump Sum Payoff

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Give everyone what you owe him; if you owe taxes; pay taxes; if revenue; then revenue; if respect. then respect; if honor, than honor. Romans 13:7 NIV

West End Tabernacle does not want anything to hinder the progression of the vision of the church and in that regard, removing debt is key to the success of the vision.  Please visit our website and catch a glimpse of our vision and the many ways West End Tabernacle endeavors to make the vision a reality.

We have over $100,000.00 of debt which includes a balloon mortgage due in November 2018. If the debt is not paid  West End Tabernacle will be unable to fulfill its vision and become a dynamic church making an impact in Bridgeport and beyond.

All donations are welcome, regardless of the amount.  We know God can do great things, are grateful for all He has done and will do for West End Tabernacle.

Participate in the vision by making a donation and help West End Tabernacle eradicate this debt in 2018!

May you be blessed as you are a blessing...

To God be the glory!

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